The Vows

I Pledge to Honor my Body with Acceptance

I Vow to Stay Connected to My Body to Hear and Feel Everything it Has to Say

I Vow to Choose Happiness by Seeking Peace Daily

I Promise to Be an Active Participant in the Patient-Doctor Relationship

I Choose to Be "in the Know" by keeping Record of Important Medical Events in My Life

I Vow to Advocate for Myself and Pledge to Prioritize my Healthcare Needs

I Will Honor my body by Eating Healthy, Prioritizing Sleep, and Being Active

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No matter how you define yourself when you look in the mirror. No matter how the world defines you...Know that you are Powerful, Important, and Relevant. A Commitment to Your Health defines you. Vow to Self for Better Health. Empower yourself to be the Most Important Person in Your life.

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Health Vows is for every woman who wants to prioritize and pledge to honor her healthcare needs. Health Vows is a dedication to You...a safe place to find trustworthy information and answers to often hard to ask questions. Health Vows is a movement. Health Vows is a call to Action. My vision is to empower and educate women from every region of the globe to live her best healthy life, love her body in all its greatness, and advocate for herself. It's all about you! All content is inspired by common discussions I have had with the many women I have been honored to serve over the past 19 years.

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