Centered Around the Seven Health Vows
Vows to Self for Better Health

young woman on grass in golden lightIf you struggle to set a vision or achieve health goals, feel challenged navigating your health care plan and hospitals or prioritizing Self-care this workshop series is for you. If you want to be more mindful in your approach to your health and be given a new perspective and tools to do so, Sign Up! The Health Vows Program offers Vows to Self for Better Health and aims to change your consciousness, level of mindfulness, thinking patterns, and individual behaviors, which act as barriers to experiencing optimal health care and living healthily.
Workshop Goals:

Be More Mindful, Empowered and Educated About Your Health Care Needs

Be Your Own Advocate


Liza M. Swedarsky MD


Wednesdays 12-1:30 pm
Fridays 3-4:30 pm


Zoom Virtual Space

No cost to participate!
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Phone: 617-977-4449 with Questions
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    Created and facilitated by Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Southern Jamaica Plain’s Gynecologist and Minimally Invasive Surgeon Dr. Liza M. Swedarsky. She has an extensive background in studying mindfulness, meditation and helping women discover the root causes behind challenges showing up in their lives. The program series has been supported by funding from the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers and most recently was awarded a Brigham Care Redesign Incubator and Startup Program grant (BCRISP)