Health Vows is a Dedication to You with a mission and vision to Educate and Empower women from every region of the globe.   Health vows encourages EVERY Woman to live her best life with a Mindful approach to her Health Care Needs, Relationships, Body, and Daily Living.

Health Vows is for every Woman who wants to prioritize and pledge to honor her healthcare needs through education and an emphasis on self-awareness, self-discipline, and self- advocacy.  You are the most important person in your life and personally responsible for your Self.  Health Vows is a dedication to You…a safe place to find trustworthy information, insights, and answers to often hard to ask questions. Health Vows is a movement!  Health Vows is a call to Action!

Most importantly, Health vows is all about you.  All content is inspired by discussions and concerns many women have shared over the years and accounts of personal life experiences essential for growth in one’s evolutionary process.  All content is also inspired by Seven Health Vows created to embrace a balanced approach to healthier living.    Take the Vows.  Read them Daily like Mantras.  Embrace them mindfully.

Live your best life, your healthiest life.   Challenge yourself to love your body in all its greatness, and advocate for yourself.  Your body is a gift.  Healthy, Balanced Living should be your mission.  Without your health, manifesting your life’s vision and living out your purpose will be your biggest challenge.

Take the Vows.
Affirm greatness daily.

Be selective about what you read about your Health.  Know your sources.

And Join the Movement for Health Mindfulness.

Stay Tuned for Upcoming Events.

Be Inspired!

-Liza M. Swedarsky MD