oman silhouette at beachI was once asked “What is the Magic in it all for You.” Probably the best question an individual can ask oneself in any life experience. Reflecting on that very question will allow you, or perhaps force you, to tune in, self-evaluate, and realize what you hold as important. And if you find there is no magic, or you are yearning for something’ll go searching until you find the answer. This should be true for your Health as it is for your Career, Relationships, Parenting Responsibilities, and Civic Duties.

Realizing good health is THE major foundation for well-being, I have written Seven Vows to self for better health to inspire you to live mindfully. Healthvows was also inspired to provide you with trusted information on common topics many women want to know more about. I want you to be able to identify your authors as professionals in their fields with knowledge, experience, and expertise. I want you to demand more from what you are reading online. This site should not replace your relationship with your physician; it should enhance it by inspiring you to do more for yourselves, ask more questions, take more responsibility for your health, and improve your health knowledge.

The “Magic” in my day-to-day commitment in caring for and educating women is You! I hope Healthvows will inspire you as much as I have been inspired and learned from every Woman I have ever met.

Abstract sphere imageThe vows I have brought together were composed after years of self-discovery and challenges during my career path, in my personal relationships, and as a mother of two. They were inspired from observing women, just like me, struggling to do it all...Women wanting to be healthy; Women wanting and needing more time; Women putting their children and families health before their own; Women struggling to find peace; Women searching for answers to health related questions who did not have time or the courage to talk to their doctors; Women who do and do not realize their mood and attitude affect their health; Women who do and do not realize that thoughts are things; Women balancing the demands of jobs, roles, and career goals.

Be Inspired! Know you are Beautiful, Relevant, Important and Your Health is Essential to Your well-being. Join the Movement towards Health Mindfulness.

-Liza M. Swedarsky MD