I am so happy that I decided to participate in the Health Vows Workshop! I have learned to be more "intentional" with myself, whether that is by spending time alone, meditating, learning to love and care about myself, or by being proactive in making sure that I am more of a self-advocate in taking care of my health. As women, we tend to give so much of ourselves to our job, family, and friends. This workshop taught me to be more conscience of taking the time to be more intentional with myself. Thanks so much Dr. Swedarsky for offering a workshop to help the "whole" woman!

-Terri A. Rawls, Teacher

Taking the Health Vows Workshops inspired me to find the courage to alter my career path and start my own business. I'm also practicing mindfulness and meditation more every day. I can't recommend this workshop enough! I looked forward to it so much, it was like medicine.

-Katrine Burkitt, Professional Home Organizer

A wonderful experience learning more about prioritizing health, well-being, movement, nutrition, rest and being present for a more abundant life. Thanks to Liza for sharing her expertise and being an advocate for women.


Participating in Health Vows absolutely changed my life in a positive way. I’d say one of the greatest impacts it had on me is living (and parenting) in Love, not Fear. I’ve called upon this aspect of the program several times. The sense of doing what I can and then believing there is a plan bigger than I.

-Maureen Carroll, Customer Success Manager

At a time when the world was forced to pause and prioritize health and well-being, my participation in the Health Vows program could not have been more timely. While under a state-mandated quarantine, I was still recovering from a health issue the year before, trying to move forward and figure out what life would be like, in and after a pandemic. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to meet with such a diverse group of women, all with our own unique experiences, to share, support, empower and learn from each other in our journey toward a healthier life. Under Dr. Liza’s guidance, it was encouraging to draw parallels in our life experiences. I really came to understand that in real life everyone is dealing with something. And I was reminded how important it is to approach everyone you meet with love and kindness as we go through things, together. Dr. Liza is inspiring and compassionate, well-rounded with an open mind. Her holistic approach to healing helped me see need to treat the whole person and not just a problem. We explored ways to meet the needs of the mind, body, and spirit, and the connection between them. Throughout the program and even now, I continue to think of myself in that way. I strive to nurture each part of my being and support others as we go along the journey toward realizing our health goals and living more enriching lifestyles overall.

-Tiffany B.

I have implemented self-care. I am actively in counseling. I am participating in meditation for stress relief. I am setting boundaries. I have returned to working out and committed to eating healthier. I have reconnected with my girlfriends taking time out for mommy time. Participating in this program has allowed me to acknowledge how I was neglecting myself and identify how and what I needed to do to get back on track with who I am at the core of me and what makes me happy as a person, a mother, and a woman.


I really enjoy it. I loved meeting the other women and talking and learning that I’m not really alone

-L Savory

Participating in health vows helped me at the time to have tools and time in my busy schedule to reflect on my mind and my body. Participating has also allowed me to meet people and discuss topics on mindfulness and further develop my mindfulness knowledge.