I Pledge to Honor My Body with Acceptance

Five women different shapes
Your body allows you to experience all life has to offer, be grateful for it.

I Vow to Stay Connected to My Body to Hear and Feel Everything it has to Say

Your body is connected to energies much greater than yourself, listen to it deeply. It will guide you to a path of higher awareness and optimal health.

I Vow to Choose Happiness by Seeking Peace Daily

Beach Woman In Yoga Pose
Find time to engage in a peaceful activity every day. Whatever “peace” means to you, make time to fully experience it.

I Promise to Be an Active Participant in the Patient-Doctor Relationship

Patient with Female Doctor
You should be the most invested person in your healthcare and health outcomes. Partner with your Physician!

I Choose to Be “In the Know” by Keeping Record of Important Medical Events in My Life

Pro active word spelt with colorful letter beads
Be informed and keep record of what happens concerning your body. It is important for you to know as well as your Doctors who want to advocate for you.

I Vow to Advocate for Myself and Pledge to Prioritize my Healthcare Needs

Body and Mind Artwork
You know what you have to do for healthier living. If not, strive to educate yourself…Get informed and take action.

I Will Honor my body by Eating Healthily, Prioritizing Sleep, and Being Active

Crowd enjoying a full table of healthy food
Good food, adequate rest, and exercise seem to be obvious keys to healthy living and longevity, but yet we all have our struggles. Small steps towards healthier living will result in leaps and bounds of progress.

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Vow to Self for Better Health