Honoring Health Vow # 6 I Vow to Advocate for Myself and Pledge to Prioritize My Healthcare Needs   I feel like passing out hugs when my patients come in with problems and say, “But I had my pap smear and everything was fine.” And then, there I am, the bearer of bad news. Let’s… Read More

Honoring Health Vow # 2 I Vow to Stay Connected to My Body to Hear and Feel Everything it has to Say I’m always deeply thinking about ways to connect, inspire, and motivate my patients.   This requires recognizing what influences their actions. Over the years I’ve realized I have several categories or types of patients.… Read More

Honoring Health Vow #7 I Will Honor My Body by Eating Healthy, Prioritizing Sleep, and Being Active It’s interesting how things you know to be true and important as an adolescent start to somehow take the back seat as time goes by. I rarely remember leaving our home to attend high school without eating breakfast.… Read More