With Valentine’s Day fast approaching it is the perfect time to consider your heart health. Whether you have found the love of your life or are still on your journey, you will need a healthy heart to fully experience your beloved. It is important to know the screening guidelines and ways you can prevent developing… Read More

  The United States Congress designated January as Cervical Health Awareness Month.   Now is a good time to talk about cervical cancer prevention and vaccination guidelines with your health care provider. The major question you should be asking yourself is, “Am I up to date with my pap smear, and have I been tested for HPV.”… Read More

There is Power in Thought and Intentions I’ve manifested many things in my life by starting off with an intention, vision or goal.  Likewise, I recognize my thoughts and mental focus can do just the opposite, result in stagnation and unproductivity.   2018 was a pivotal year in my life.  I fully embraced and embodied my… Read More