With Valentine’s Day fast approaching it is the perfect time to consider your heart health. Whether you have found the love of your life or are still on your journey, you will need a healthy heart to fully experience your beloved. It is important to know the screening guidelines and ways you can prevent developing… Read More

I would hate to be the thin woman at the Overeaters Anonymous meeting complaining about my newfound love handles and back fat. For those of you who watch This is Us, I could slightly identify with Madison (for about two seconds). But truth be told, a muffin top can appear on any physique! We all… Read More

Honoring Health Vow #7 I Will Honor My Body by Eating Healthy, Prioritizing Sleep, and Being Active It’s interesting how things you know to be true and important as an adolescent start to somehow take the back seat as time goes by. I rarely remember leaving our home to attend high school without eating breakfast.… Read More