Stop… Just take a minute and check in. So when do you plan to go for that check up ? Pap smear? Breast exam you’ve been putting off for months? Not up to date on that yearly mammogram even though you found a lump? Have you been having chest pain or shortness of breath and… Read More

As I have been in the trenches caring for and educating women, a common question I encounter on a weekly basis sounds something like this, “Doctor, I’m 35 years old, single, and have never been pregnant. Should I be worried about Infertility? Is there anything I can do?” Chances are, the answer is No. Especially… Read More

If you are feeling tired, sleepy, have a lack of energy, or have difficulty getting your day started then you are not alone. “Fatigue” may be defining you. Fatigue is a common complaint for men and women across the United States and make up almost one third of visits made to primary care physicians every… Read More

Bartholin’s Glands are located just inside the vagina at the 5 and 7 o’ clock positions.  These glands may become blocked resulting in fluid build up under the vaginal and labial skin. Patients with a bartholin’s gland cyst complain of the following: Pain Discomfort with sitting, walking, intercourse Fever Recurrent Bartholin’s Gland Cysts One may… Read More

Labial hypertrophy is a condition that results in labia majora or labia minora that are enlarged. The size of both labia may be reduced to relieve discomfort with walking, sport activity, sitting or intercourse. The procedure is performed in the operating room under anesthesia. Post-operative care and vaginal hygiene is key to prevent infection. The… Read More

An intrauterine device (IUD) is a T-Shaped contraceptive device placed inside the uterus. The procedure is performed in the office. There are several types of IUD’s: Paraguard IUD (Copper, hormone free) Mirena IUD (releases progesterone to the uterine lining daily) Skyla (releases progesterone to the uterine lining daily) Liletta (releases progesterone to the uterine lining… Read More

Bladder instillations are used to place numbing medications into the bladder for temporary pain relief due to interstitial cystitis.  This procedure may also be performed to test for bladder mucosal sensitivity. First the urethra is cleaned with betadine soap.  A small catheter is placed in the bladder. Through this catheter a mixture of anesthetic medications… Read More

An endometrial biopsy is an office procedure performed with the goal to obtain a tissue sample, or biopsy, from the inside of the uterine lining. Your gynecologist may need to perform this procedure to be sure you do not have cancer of the uterus or pre-cancerous cells called Endometrial Hyperplasia. Indications for Endometrial Biopsy Why… Read More

An Endometrial Ablation is a procedure offered to women who have heavy menstrual bleeding and do not want to undergo a hysterectomy or prefer less invasive management options prior to considering hysterectomy. Various methods can be performed to destroy the basalis layer (lining of the uterus that has glandular tissue which bleeds monthly at the… Read More