Vestibulitis often is the cause for women who have chronic vaginal pain.  It is an inflammatory condition affecting the glands and skin just around the opening of the vagina.  Pain may be present all of the time, just with sitting, or during intercourse.  Some women with vestibulitis often complain of a constant vaginal burning and discomfort.  Many therapies have been found to be helpful in treating vestibuitis such as topical creams,  anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medications, physical therapy, and anesthetics.  However some patients have no relief and may consider Vestibulectomy.  During a Vestibulectomy the skin surrounding the opening of the vagina and hymeneal tissue is removed.  A skin flap is pulled down from the vagina to replace the excised tissue.  The procedure is performed under anesthesia, however patients typically go home the same day.